To the kids of today busy uploading group selfies of pyjama parties; ever watched ‘Home Alone’ with your friends while your parents were out? No? Sad kiddie, your entry into this world has been a tad bit late!

Sometimes, by grace of good fortune (and inexplicable timing), we are left with experiences that last a lifetime. Are you a young adult born in the era of DDLJ and Maine Pyaar Kiya? Do you belong to the last generation to have survived their childhood without internet? Are you among the privileged ones to witness the change of the millennium along with the incredible technological and socio-cultural changes that followed? Then, it is in your honour, that, this International Youth Day, Mood Indigo plans to take you on a trip down memory lane and so you may reminiscence those fond memories, growing up. Get ready to drown in nostalgia, as we present to you 10 things that have been an integral part of life for any 90’s kid!
:: Music

Remember the time when Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik‘s voice adorned almost every Bollywood melody? Not forgetting our very own Indipop, giving us some wonderfully amazing songs during the same period.
:: Advertisements

There was a time when four women wearing sparkling white garments taught us how to wash clothes… got them right! They were none other than Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma, along with their magical ‘Washing Powder Nirma’. Oh yes, that reminds me of ‘Soundarya Saabun Nirma’ as well!
:: School stuff

The swaggy ‘adarsh balak’ memes making everyone go ‘lol’ these days, made way into our notebooks and projects once upon a time. Talking of school, does anyone remember those messy ink-pens?
:: Games

Wonder if the coming age will ever get to feel the pleasure of playing with the rings in water game toys, the joy on completing the first level of Mario ,the ecstasy while collecting the winning prize card in the pokemon card game, and best of all, the immense sense of victory on smashing all seven stones straight during ‘lagori’!

:: Cartoons and T.V Shows

A stupid cat and a smart mouse; this was all that was needed to make you roll on the floor laughing. And admit it, we all have imagined ourselves to be investigators while watching Scooby-Doo (and howled along with him every time he said his name). Be it eating spinach and feeling stronger immediately, or impressing girls in style, cartoon characters were always our constant companions, and at times, best teachers too!
:: Song Videos

A few poets describe love as feeling where everything around seems to be in a dancing mood. Perhaps that became the motto of all love songs of our films, where the protagonist and his co-star dance along with a flash mob, to express their feelings. Well, the dance is still existent, but the severity has decreased.
:: Dressing styles

From high- waist jeans to bell-bottoms, fashion had reached a new level during the 90’s.Bizarre hairstyles, colourful dresses, chiffon sarees marked the new vogue among women, and for men, well……everyone wanted to be Salman in their black shades. In fact, many of our current trends have their inspirations and origins in the very same decade!
:: Cassettes

Before the advent of smartphones and laptops, the primary mode of storing our all-time favourites used to be CD’s and cassettes. For music lovers, the collection might have been in heaps. Those days of playing with the tape and spools, and ending up with a damaged one.
:: Photo Studios

A picturesque background and a set of well-dressed people smiling just adequately, these are the images that come to mind when the word studio is spoken. All tongues inside the buccal cavity, fingers without the peace or victory sign and almost no captions. Yes, there was a time when photographers had studios and not Facebook pages. What Photoshop does now was earlier the task of the studio guys; make people look good!

:: Cabs and buses

As we progress into the world of Uber cabs and luxury buses, buried deep in our memories will be the black- yellow ambassador taxis and the magnificent double-decker buses. Fighting for the window seats and pushing the window panes to get larger part of the window for yourself, especially on the way to and back from school.

Want to add few of your recollections to the list? Leave it in the comment section below.
Cheers to all those who remember changing all four digits of the year when writing the date for the first year of this century! Yes, cheers to us who were a 90s kid!