With just 4 days remaining in Mood indigo, a rising level of excitement is inevitable. All-4-days-events are integral part of the events lineup. These are the events that will take place all 4 days and for a considerably long part of the day. So there is little need to worry about the schedule, because you can always get yourself entertained at any time of the day.
Here are some events that will go on for all 4 days :


This is a passive 24X4 treasure hunt event. You can go out and explore even in the middle of the night. This hunt just doesn’t stop. You will have to find and capture Pokemons which have hidden themselves throughout the campus. It's going to be a wholesome unique experience.


If you spent hours playing Counter strike before exams, then this will interest you. Use your laser gun to rescue hostages, diffuse bombs, capture flag and a lot more. Get ready for counter strike in real life. GO GO GO !!!


There will be nothing more exciting than adventure games these MI. We will have land zorbing, life sized foosball, paintball, bubblewrap jousting, zorb football, bowling and many more breathtaking games you don't get to play every day. These are the events not even a single soul can afford to miss. It's going to be real fun!!


When you get exhausted after seeing all those events, nothing is more appreciated than a lounge to relax and chill out. Wait, wacky wonderland is not just a usual lounge. It's literally a wonderland where you get to try your hands at out of the world games be it elliptical pool table or at circular table tennis. I bet you won't get to play such crazy versions of conventional games.


Do you find it tough to make new friends or struggle to make a conversation. Want to know about a guy in a line, but feel shy to talk? Use your QR scanner, scan the code on their T-shirt and you are on your way to making new friends. Just the perfect icebreaker you were looking for!


Ever seen those two wheeler carts? The always fun to ride segways! And what could be more exciting than a segway race? Dare to try this and you will definitely remember it for years to come.


Awake the artist within you, Mood-I's art arena has spectacular art-pieces to offer you. You get to see the paintings, paperwork, sculptures and many other innovative arts made by the talented youth of this country. It's the thing which has got to be on your bucket list.


Have you seen 'the game of thrones' or have always loved playing those archery games? If yes, than there's no doubt you will be eager to try your hand at archery. Archery is not as easy as it looks, but no worries! The Archery workshop should be your stop point!


Ever wondered how those guys walk on that thin rope? The immense concentration, balance and the proper technique required? Learn all this at the slack lining workshop!


Surely you would have seen Hollywood movies where the hero would tactfully dodge the lasers and leave us in awe with their acrobatic action scenes! Laser maze is no different, just that it's not fatal though. Try to steer through the maze without making contact with the laser and get that awesome feel!

This was just a quick peek into what you should expect this Mood-I. Just one look at the events lineup and you will realize there is lot more than you could actually consume at Mood Indigo !
4 days to go for the 4 most amazing days of your life!