"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."-Confucius

You will be listening to amazing concerts and seeing the most picturesque ambiance so why not get some hands-on experience of probably the rarest skills in the world.
With just 5 days to go for Mood Indigo 2k15, we have picked out the five most unique ones for you you attend.

Coffee Painting

Coffee, arguably the one thing without which our lives would be incomplete, rather unimaginable. Almost all students are deeply indebted towards coffee for their grades. Try imagining mugging without a mug of coffee. Those late night work shifts also couldn’t have been possible. Even your first date happened over a cup of coffee.
So this mood indigo, do stop by the coffee painting workshop by Trishna Patnaik where you and your best pal indulge in recreating your imagination on a piece of paper.


Needless to say, flair bartending is pretty cool. Being able to do that is no mean feat. This is one of those things where a lapse of concentration for even a second could leave everyone laughing at you. But, all those experts out there are also familiar with the swag quotient this trick brings. So do show up at the bar flaring workshop by Cocktails and Dreams for a hands on experience with this insanely cool activity.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed going to the circus. The one thing that still continues to amaze me is that how can one walk on a single rope several feet above the ground. Just imagining myself in such a situation gives me goosebumps! If you feel the same way about heights and balancing yourself and wish to overcome this fear of yours, do attend the slacklining workshop by Slacklife Inc. at Mood Indigo’15.

Mixology and Innovation

Variety is the spice of life. Invoking the concept of diversity in drinks in the form of cocktails is what forms the core fundamentals of mixology. So if you are looking to get a few tricks up your sleeve in mixing drinks so that the result is appealing to both the tongue and the eyes, then the Mixology and Innovation workshop by Cocktails and Dreams is where you would want to be. The workshop would deal with the basics of mixing drinks which, mixed with your creativity, would surely make you the star at every party.


A jump here, a roll there and a climb there. No this isn’t the script of a Hindi movie where the hero chases the goons but the way a parkour generally goes about his course. All those parkours and free runners have always left us amazed and have left us wishing if we could leap those distances and climb walls in the blink of an eye as well. Well, here it is. We at Mood Indigo’15 present to you the parkouring workshop by Free Souls Parkour.

Not only these, we have several other amazing workshops waiting for you this year, at MI 2k15. So, take your awesome 4-day stay at Mood Indigo to new heights by learning the cool stuff you always dreamed of!

For more such enthralling workshops around the year,check out our Youth Magazine partner Youth Incorporated.