When talent meets opportunity, wondrous things happen. The Mood Indigo stage gives a clarion call to all you talented freaks. Mega events have been rolled out and they bring with them the big stage, huge crowds and even bigger rewards. It’s a platform like no other, and you better make it count!

So here’s a fleeting glimpse at our seven flagship events this Mood Indigo-

1) Hysteria
For all those who have always wished to see people marvel at their song mixing-playing abilities, Hysteria is what propels them to a stage where they’ve wanted themselves to be. Being India’s biggest semi-professional DJ competition, this event has it’s semifinals and finals at flagship locations, with the finals this year being a Hawaiian themed party! The winner also gets a scholarship at the Beat Factory where he can take up courses of his wish, apart from him being launched as a professional DJ. Be sure not to miss this event, where DJ’s and party-lovers are sure to flock alike!

2) Vogue
If fashion defines you and you're all about "Gloss. Glitz. Glamour." , this is the platform you want to be on. It's the quintessential launch pad for all you young creative designers and aspiring models to be one step closer to your dreams. With the theme 'Circus Mirandus' and the added constraint of pulling off a 'two in a one dress', it's going to that much harder to steal that spotlight.

3) Livewire
Mood Indigo’s pièce de résistance. It’s Asia’s biggest and oldest semi-professional band event. After having scoured the length and breadth of India over the past many months in search of the best bands, the final showdown is sure to go down to the wire. A high stakes battle with 1.25 lakh worth of cash prize up for grabs, the competition is sure to be nail-biting!

4) Omniscience
A self proclaimed walking encyclopedia? Give yourself a reality check as you fight it out against like minded beings to stake your claim to be a champion of MI's annual quizzing festival. Choose from genres like sports, entertainment or the general quiz. Team up or participate as a ‘lone wolf’. All in all, intensive brain workout is guaranteed!

5) Third Bell
Grand coliseum. Check. Red Curtains and other paraphernalia. Check. Spotlight. Check. The stage is all yours, monsieur/madame . Wow the audience with your acting skills as you take them on a ride of emotions. Moreover, the winner gets a chance to perform at the prestigious National Centre for Performing Arts(NCPA). You'll want to fight it out for this one!

6) She's Got The Look
If you think your entry is enough to make heads turn and eyeballs pop, this event is for you girl! It's Mood Indigo's very own beauty pageant. With the top 3 contestants getting a direct entry into the final auditions of Femina Miss India 2016, the stakes have never been this high!

7) MI Idol
The stage is looking for a melodious musical rendition straight from the heart. Put your best foot forward in this Hindi solo singing competition and give it all to be that voice which would win the most hearts and to walk away with the much fancied title of 'MI Idol'. It’s now or never!

Grand events call for an equally illustrious panel of judges. We promise you a terrific lineup of judges who are well renowned and venerable to adjudge the best talent. We'll let our past vouch for this.

If bragging rights isn't enough of an incentive for you, then be assured that winners of all events will walk away with hefty cash prizes, goodies and exclusive mentorships/opportunities. Do check out our website for details about rules, prizes and registration links for all these competitions.

To those who haven't registered yet, what cue are you looking for now? To those who've already registered, you should probably stop reading this blog immediately and go practice. Only a person living in fool's paradise would think it is going to be a cakewalk! The clock is ticking. You've only got 7 days to go. See you at the 'Hawaiian Escapade' this Mood Indigo between 18th-21st December!!