Vacations are the best opportunities to unwind when life has been messing with you. A day's leave is not enough to de-stress, so a few days away from the regular environment to a new, unfamiliar place is revitalizing. But then again, you’ve got to get past the dilemma of choosing a hot place or a cold one. Where to go-the sunny beaches or the snowy mountains?

Continuing our series, here are a few reasons why a trip to the beaches is better than a trip to the snowy mountains!

1] Light packing With the bulky jackets, oversized coats and puffy sweaters absent from your list, packing for the beaches is the easiest task ever. And you get a lot of space left for souvenirs on the way back from the beaches. On the other hand with mountains, we have an unsaid agreement to haul our luggage every single time we visit them!

2] Travel “Hilly drives” remain one of the hidden agenda that your travel agents don’t mention when you plan your tours. With barely a hundred metres between those meandering turns you cannot help but get nauseous. A drive to the beaches is usually a proper long drive where you can steer your way along the sea till you reach your stay. And if you are travelling in the night you are in for a great view, one you will savour for a long time.

3] Fatigue Mountains paint a strenuous picture coupled with a divide. With the children wanting to play in the snow for long and their parents all huffy-puffy from the climb, the family has to make a hard choice to stay in their cosy room or not. Beaches give you many options, to lazily sunbathe, read lying down on a beach chair or play on the beach or inside the sea!

4] Nights With you making an effort to get away from your busy life, you are entitled to-NO, you DESERVE as many hours of fun as you want. In temperatures flirting with zero, you can't always make the most of your night in the mountains. On the other hand beaches make you raise your bars (of enjoyment and otherwise ;)) with amazing night parties.

5] Mingling Keeping this one short, you cannot just throw snowballs at strangers in snowfields because that would be rude but you can always offer to help some with their suntan lotion at the beaches ;).

6] Appetite Beaches are often lined with good food joints, shacks, stalls and restaurant serving variety of preparations. And all activities you do on the beach leave you famished enough to eat like Godzilla but with your appetite limited to hot beverages to keep yourself warm in the snow, you won’t always be able to try all of the regional delicacies the place has to offer.

7] Sleeping out Everyone loves food and everyone loves sleep even more. With the breeze caressing your skin, the coconut water, the sea babbling and the hammocks, sleeping out in beaches could be an exquisite experience. But would you dare accomplishing the same feat in the make-you-a-talking-popsicle weather? And not to make you uncomfortable but it’s my duty to keep things realistic, what if the yeti is out for a midnight snack?

So, aren’t you convinced to spend your next vacation driving around a beautiful coast and lazing around on a sun-kissed beach? Since the next vacations are around December, you may start planning for them already and choose your destination! Or wait..has Mood Indigo chosen it for you? ;)