There's always a certain image that comes to our mind when we say "Pop" music. But has that always been the case? Is that the same image that people from generations before us, got too?

Well..'Pop' music essentially refers to popular music. Any genre that caught on with the audience and gained worldwide fame, became pop! Over the years, pop has seen variations in the genres covered from rock or classic rock back in the day to 'bubblegum pop' as it is referred to, today.
On the occasion of Paul McCartney's birthday, this blog is a tribute to the Beatles who are undoubtedly the pioneers of rock and legends in every right and truly signify 'pop' as it was back in the day!

Here are 7 reasons why we think Pop music, then was better than Pop music, now:

1.Autotune: Isn't that one of the few things that strikes your mind about today's music? With the advancement in technology, pop music these days witnesses a huge influence in terms of digital processing and manipulation. Back in the day, it was the artist's perfection and his natural voice that came through with no changes!

2.Lyrics: Dating back to the 60s and 70s, pop songs dealt with a variety of topics and references to wars. The stereotypical pop these days, often referred to as bubblegum pop doesn't have impactful lyrics and has a significantly less effect on the listener's mind.

3.Song life: Due to the sheer quality of songs, the songs that gained traction then are still known today and have become classics. The song life of songs today has reduced a great extent due to the number and quality of songs being released.

4.Longevity of Bands: Music groups of the present generation that last five years are considered to have had a long career. On the other hand twenty-five years is not unusual for bands of the past. Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones have been around for that long and are still going strong.

5.More focus on instruments, less on technology: Back in the day, the sound of the instruments was at the top of the priority chart. With growth in terms of technology, digitally accumulating the sounds of instruments has become easier and is exploited well.

6.Record labels: These days, with the number of artistes in the genre and increase in competition, the industry has become market and business oriented. Due to the commercialization, independence of artistes has decreased in terms of their music and populism has become inherent. Pop then, focused on talented and independent musicians who bonded more with their music than commerce.

7.Present-day musicians don't like 'pop': With the trends going on currently, musicians and bands choose to play and generate music to become 'different' and deviate from the image that pop brings with it. Pop music then was something that artists liked to be associated with and there was a positive portrayal of pop.

All said and done, the sheer power that music possesses can't be questioned. The capacity to entertain, emote, inform and just send you into a trance all at the same time is what makes music so special and the ability to rule our hearts for decades is what makes some artistes legends! Once again, Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!

Think you guys like the present 'pop' culture more than the past? Comment and let us know your views.