The three of us met after four years. Never thought we could stay away for more than a month, but responsibilities and priorities changed after we passed out of college.

Well .. hold on… this blog is not going on in the emotional ‘ dil chahta hai ‘ direction. This is about an interesting debate we had that day... ( ya we fought the day we met ! ) about cuisines.
Now this came up when we had to decide what we were going to have that evening while we talked our hearts out. In the great fight of world cuisines , to be the dinner of the night, the players who made the finals were Chinese and Mexican. And for everyone’s benefits, the points listed below were the “highlights of the finale”. So go on, read ém and make your decision for the next time you have a choice!

1) Chopsticks are an integral part of the Chinese cuisine. Now for someone having Chinese and who doesn’t know how to use a chopstick, which is almost two thirds of the world, it won’t take them long to realize that they are in over their heads! But for Mexican, no prerequisites!

2) The Chinese cuisine comprises heavily of meat. Big problem for the vegetarians ! Mexican cuisines though, don’t quip these problems to them meat-haters out there. Food for thought, vegetarians?

3) Want to have amazing food while dieting? Mexican staple food is corn while the Chinese prefer rice. Clear difference there!

4) Chocolates have always been of prime importance in the Mexican cuisine. It is not only eaten but also drunk. Now that gives Mexico an ace up its sleeves.

5) Mexican soup Menudo is known for curing hangovers. Partied hard yesterday? You know what to have today for lunch!

6) The Mexican cuisine has been influenced by the world culture far more than the Chinese. Take a good look at the Mexican food you are having and you will find traces of various cultures, primarily the Spanish, Indian, American, and who knows, maybe even the Chinese!

7) Love spicy food? Hit the Mexican restaurant now! Mexican food has a lot of seasoning and a great use of spices as compared to the Chinese.

8) Lastly, what about drinks? While tea, liquor and milk form the majority of Chinese drinks, Mexico might be a little better there. For example, Atole, a corn based Mexican hot drink, flavoured with fruit, rice and chocolate seems to be far more mouthwatering than tea. You also get chocolate based native drinks here. Tea, coffee and liquor are also commonplace in Mexican lifestyle.
So in short, in the great competition we held in our brains, mexican won over others. But by the time the decision was made , it was quite late, and we settled with the complimentary biscuits we got from our hotel rooms ( yes, the irony).
Not today definitely... but tomorrow maybe.

But what about you … what are you having for dinner tonight?