To be aware, to stand up, to be willing to join a larger cause. It's imperative for the youth to have a social conscience. Be amenable to do their bit and to lend a helping hand. That's the need of the hour.

Mood Indigo has always had a tradition of taking up a social cause each year. It’s about spreading awareness and working to make a tangible impact in association with an organisation working in the field. Be it ‘Sparsh’ in 2011, a movement for betterment of lives of underprivileged children or the Platelet Donation Drive in 2013, we have always been willing to usher in little experiments of change. And we are proud to carry forward the legacy this year.

In his recent monthly radio address 'Mann ki Baat', prime minister Narendra Modi had urged people to donate organs on the occasion of International Organ Day. "When an organ is transplanted in another (human) body, not only does the organ get a new life but also the body," he had said.

With an objective to disseminate awareness and increase the registered donors across the nation, the social cause taken up for Mood Indigo 2015 is ‘A Piece of Me’: An organ donation drive in association with Shatayu, a leading nonprofit organization working in this field.

To put the issue in perspective; India is struggling with acute shortage of organs for transplantation. Estimates say that more than a million suffer with end stage organ failure, but only about 3,500 transplants are carried out each year. What's staggering is that at least 15 patients die everyday waiting for organs and every 10 minutes a new name is added to this waiting list. In short, the demand far outnumbers the availability of organs.

Awareness about organ donation is thus the only way out of this shocking scenario. The solution is simple in principle- the more the number of potential donors out there, the more the likelihood of organs becoming available to save lives. Remember, one donor can save up to 8 lives! Unfortunately, most people have little idea about organ donation, or how they could potentially help after their death.

To do our bit for this cause, this year Mood Indigo aims to spread awareness regarding organ donation and also to address queries and to dispel all doubts and myths regarding it. Working in association with Shatayu, we strive to get more and more people to register themselves for it.
We also conducted an event aimed at increasing awareness about organ donation on the 6th of December, where representatives from Fortis Healthcare performed a street play and delivered speeches to encourage people to sign up for the noble cause.

So while you immerse yourself in all the merriment and conviviality at Mood Indigo 2015, do remember that your willingness and small endeavor to register yourself for organ donation, could give the gift of life to somebody. Ours is a world surviving on hope, and you could be its harbinger for someone.