Mood Indigo, Asia’s largest cultural festival, is not just the largest festival because of the various amazing events and shows it encompasses, but what also makes it the largest is the enormous crowd of people that come to witness Mood Indigo every year. A large part of the crowd doesn’t just come to witness Mood Indigo, but also to participate in the awesome competitions which Mood Indigo organizes. And a vital component of Mood Indigo’s competitions is the Multicity leg of the competitions, where Mood Indigo itself goes to different cities of India to identify and nurture the best talents of the country!

For the multicity leg, IIT Bombay sent out teams of their students to different cities all over the country to organize these competitions in specified venues. People then take part in the eliminations and are selected to come to Mumbai for the finals. This year the multicity tour took off from Delhi and then went on to Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Jaipur and Bangalore before finally returning to Mumbai.

The main competitions held were Desi Beats (Bollywood dance Competition), MI Idol (Hindi solo singing), Aagaaz (street play competition), Beat the Street (Group HipHop dance competition) and Nrityanjali (Solo Classical dance competition). With a moderate amount of western and traditional competitions lined up, there were events for everyone. The teams went prepared to search for talents throughout the country. Participants flocked to their nearest centres to take part and truly gave it their all putting up mesmerising performances.

All the cities welcomed the teams with an amazing participation and endless enthusiasm. All the competitions had their fair share of talent that definitely brought out the best performances. It’s a thrill to just be there, whether you’re participating or just watching as a spectator. The responses received were outstanding and the bars have been raised for the finals. The participants were overflowing with energy and captivating the interests of passers by.

If the Multicity eliminations are anything to go by, the finals of those competitions during Mood Indigo would definitely tower on another level altogether. For sure, there’s a lot to look forward to this Mood Indigo.

A lot of participants carpooled through our rideshare partner BlaBlaCar to reach the multicity venues and we hope it will be the same for Mood Indigo.