Are you, by any chance, a member of the creed which gets to decide, depending on their mood, when, where and how they are going on a trip? Well then, know that I envy you for this freedom that you take for granted. So do most college going students for whom planning a trip with their friends comes with problems in various stages. This World Tourism Day, Mood Indigo brings a relatable account of how most of us go on trips.
Well I have this crazy idea every time the semester goes out of hand, to leave everything behind and go on a road trip with my closest mates and I did. The fact that I had a lot to do and still decided to go on the trip should tell you how well the semester was going.
Well this is more or less how it went… (and also how it goes in most cases)..

STAGE 1: Convincing your friends

You want to go on a road trip with your friends, first and foremost, you need to convince them to come. But in practice what happens is, I implant the need for going on a road trip and by recapitulating every thing that has gone haywire this semester, I make them realize that their need for a trip is as bad as mine. So one night after pulling all of them into my room, I revealed the Grand Plan I had in store for us, which by the way had no details on how, where and when we were going. I called them just to make them feel that the decision was indeed, unanimous. Their reactions went in cycles- the initial excitement, then the stages of confusion and reality checks, and the final reaction - a yes or a no and back to excitement. After all that we concluded, a road trip it is.

STAGE 2: Road trip- deciding on the details

As all of us were blissfully dreaming about a life as the protagonists of movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, one fellow from the group wakes up and says -‘ yaar.. ja kahan rahe hai ?’.Well that is when it struck us...deciding the when, where and how was a challenge. The moment we faced the ‘when do we go’ question we realised that it is not happening now. With the semester eating up all of our free time, the vacations seemed to be the only option for a long trip. But we were too obsessed with the road trip idea to scrap it in the face. Because all of us were pretty sure that we are not in the internship league, we knew we will be free in summers. The problem about road trips is you have roads everywhere. So what do you want to do? Travel around the world or drive around the campus perimeter. Well, we thought somewhere in the middle would suffice. The first thing that would strike to anyone of our age- Goa! Wait what? We hit reality. Ok, so scrap Goa… a road trip to Mahabaleshwar? That seems good. So destination - done.So yes, its all planned and sorted! (Or at least that is what we thought at that time).

STAGE 3 : Convincing your parents

This is where it gets tricky for most of us. Convincing your parents for a road trip with your friends
has its prerequisites. First of all, you have to be clear on the details of the trip. We did make a list of how’s and where’s and together tackled all the questions that could ever arise in anyone’s mind. With such level preparation, handling “the parental issue” wasn’t tough for most of us.
So yes.. we ended up finalizing our plan of going on a road trip after all !

STAGE 4: Materializing your plan

Well ,we were in the middle of a horrible semester when all of this happened, and as summer was a month down the line, we let the idea hibernate. But as soon as the semester got over, the plan was brought back in action. From booking tickets to looking up for places to stay, the finalizing part went on for a day.
So yes, from speaking out a chill idea a month ago to actually implementing it, we did come a long way. We were going on a road trip, at last and yes, we are leaving tomorrow.

It’s the night before the D-day and ideally I should be asleep (as I will be driving tomorrow), but the excitement and happiness combo is hitting me hard.
This trip is a dream come true - a week, out in the open, with people I love, doing what I feel like, with no constraints. Yes.. this is life, buddy.. this is life.