Aloha freshmen!
Welcome to an absolutely new phase of your life.

Every part of your college journey will stay in your mind as cherished memories but none comparable to your freshie year.
Freshman year is always filled with anticipation, expectations, surprises and hard hitting reality checks. But there are a few typical freshman doubts we would like to address. We hope the freshmen judge its truth value and the non-freshmen dwell on the nostalgia.

How to address seniors?

Seniors are an omnipresent resource in any institute but they too, come in different flavours. When such a mishmash of homo-sapiens are put under a common title, it is not surprising to be at a loss on how to address them. Torn between Sir/Ma'am, Bhaiya/Didi, dude, boss? With all that, one does not expect a ubiquitous form of greeting and addressing seniors. And we aren't providing you one either because the best way is to interact and figure out for yourself.

Is that a senior or a professor?

When you are new to an institute, you are confused with almost everything that's happening around you and you will have a particularly hard time interacting with new people. If you have come with the premonition that professors will be typical middle aged people with glasses and observing strictness surpassing the school standards, well, then get ready to have a few jaw dropping moments. Some professors will be quite young and as cool as any senior you meet. So don’t jump out of your skin when that exuberant chap who wished you morning' on your way to class happened to be your lecturer!

Should I ask my doubt in class?

You will now be a part of a hundred like minded yet differently talented freshmen and there might be times when you have no clue as to what the professor is blabbering. So what do you do? "Do I raise my hand, stand up and ask my query under the scrutiny of about a hundred pairs of eyes? What if it is too obvious to others? Will the professor think of me as dumb? Will I get mocked? Should I wait till the class ends?", such questions will flood your mind. And take it from people who have been there, it is absolutely normal. Learn to live without fearing the people who may judge because this, folks, is life .

Where to get all the utility items in the campus?

In a new institute, where your old sources of ‘jugaad’ won't work, it is absolutely necessary that you know where your treasure chest of resources is. The more you explore the campus, the better off you will be. A novice at this, you are bound to make mistakes but you will learn a lot of things for the rest of your life. Good judgement comes from experience and well experience.. that comes from poor judgement!

Do I need a laptop now?

Now freshmen are the most abundant enthusiastic species available in any campus. Having a laptop facilitates academic needs while taking a toll on your campus life. You run a high risk of becoming a laptop addict and may even turn to liking your room walls more than human interaction. But that is just a possibility. So if you think you can strike the intricate balance, go ahead and bring one.

Mess Food vs. Canteen

“ Ghar ka khana” – now that’s something you are going to miss really bad during your hostel days. What are your options? A daily dose of repetitive, boring pabulum served under the disguise of what is called the mess food or a far more enjoyable fast food refreshment that the nearby canteen serves, only if you pay though. Now that call is purely yours. Give your mess a chance to prove itself , and maybe when it becomes more than what you can bear, treat yourself at the canteen!

With all that confusion and chaos around, you may find things moving a little too fast for you. But hey, it’s okay, because everyone is new to the system . If you see any of your dilemmas listed above, you can be sure that these are just signs of your natural inquisitiveness. These won't have life changing consequences , so relax. Things will sort themselves out, just as they have for everyone until now. At the risk of sounding cliched, freshman year is going to be one wonderful journey and you need to live it entirely, without any blocks because this time isn’t going to come back!

So with that..Welcome aboard freshies!