The cardinal reason why Mood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay, is Asia's largest cultfest is the fact that it caters to every taste, ensuring that every soul which visits the fest is sated and is left hungered for the next edition of the fest. Pulling off this feat effortlessly, the students here have the concept of multiple mini fests to keep the visitors as entranced as possible.

The concept of genre-based fests nestled inside an umbrella fest serves many purposes. It brings together people who harbour similar interests and likes. Furthermore, it helps give a structure to Mood Indigo and prevents it from falling into a quagmire. Without much ado, let's have a quick look at the various theme based fests this year at MI:

Fringe Fest: This fest encompasses artists and street performers from all over the world which visit Mood Indigo to display a never before seen array of talents! The performances are a sheer display of energy, enthusiasm and talent. This year we have Fuegoloko (Fire show), Clap Clap Circo (Circus Theatre) and Feets of Fire among other performers. The streets will come alive this Mood Indigo!

Theatre Fest: This Theatre Fest keep your eyes peeled to delight yourself with some real professional and acclaimed plays. Obvious question: What's drama without Shakespeare? Our solution: A rock n’ roll version of ‘Twelfth Night’ by the very British Council! To add to the humour element we have the play ‘Two Adorable Losers’. At the same time be ready for those fanboy moments when you would be meeting some real famous names in the world of theatre!

Humour Fest: Be there to tickle your funny bone and witness performances that will undoubtedly leave you in splits! Headlining this fest would be the inimitable Papa CJ (uncensored, mind you) and then we have famous Italian comedian Matteo Garbusela present ‘The Loser Show’. Providing tough competition would be an Indian musical comedy Aisi Taisi Democracy and last but surely not the least ace satirist and accomplished comedian Vir Das! Our fervent prayers to the gods so that nobody dies of laughter this Humour Fest!!

Literature Fest: No amount of praise and description can suffice for this event at Mood Indigo. With the sole aim of bringing together crazy book lovers (bless them!) who would rather spend a weekend under a mountain of books than in a disco, this is an event that should be high on your bucket list. Boasting of a fabulous lineup with acclaimed wordsmiths and speakers like Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Justice Markandey Katju (an absolute delight, what with all those controversies!), Ashwin Sanghi and Anita Nair, Litfest welcomes all and you just can’t ditch this even for all the gold in the world.

Food Fest: Speaking personally I am a BIG foodie. Given a choice between either a food banquet or a stack of jewels I would sooner choose the former than scarce glance at the jewels. Savour those devil taste buds with a cheese tasting workshop (don't just pounce on it though) or a dessert workshop. For the midnight snackers, we have the quick cooking workshop. Brew a nice hot coffee, make a cheesecake (and eat it!!) or dress cupcakes! While you are at it, why not try your hand at a cooking competition, a new move this year. All in all, eat and let eat ( You didn't think that food Fest was only about gobbling up tons of food right? )!!

International Music Festival: As it’s name suggests, this Fest celebrates the different kinds of music around the world. Kicking off, we have the famed band Massive Vibe Live! followed by Raaga Trippin’, a capella group to show you that music can be equally stirring without instruments. Feast your eardrums with the lilting tunes of Indian instruments presented by Indian Jam Project, swoon to the mixes of London-based Youtube sensation Arjun and be awestruck by the magic that is created by the prodigal Yogev Haruvi, a one man tribal band (We bet you wouldn't have heard of half the instruments he is going to play on). If one theme is too mainstream, Anna RF, an electro-ethnic-reggae band will make you ask for multiple encores!

That concludes the different fests present this year's Mood Indigo. It can hardly be called an over statement if I were to say that these fests are what makes Mood Indigo a class apart from normal college cultural fests. Having read what all Mood I has got to offer, I wouldn't be wrong in saying that only culturally demented souls would think of giving this annual magnum opus a miss! Here's welcoming one and all to Mood Indigo with its plethora of fests and innumerable other events from 18th to 21st December here at IIT Bombay!!