This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect. -Jodi Picoult

Photography has been the most popular form of etching moments onto paper since 175 years of its invention and will probably continue to be, till we make holograms as affordable as pictures. Though all of us enjoy clicking pics, there are only a select handful who wander specifically in search of moments, which if not immortalized in photographs, would offend all which led up to that moment. And what better moments to capture, than those adorned by the monsoon magic.

This August 19, on the occasion of World Photography Day, Mood Indigo brings you the highlights of monsoon as seen through a viewfinder.

She stood there, really still. All that you could hear was the patter of raindrops splashing on the mud. And in that melodious chaos, with a single click...she took a moment from time and gave it to infinity.

The red-green chandelier swaying in euphony of the monsoon sonata.

She has her diamonds, they dropped on her.. she showcases them proudly on her golden gown.

We are all destined to meet the ocean, it’s how many lives(leaves) we
touch on our way that counts.

Oh look how eager they are, all of them staring at the clouds, like hungry puppies eyeing their mother!

The arrogant leaf humbled by the drops,
And the drops leave when the leaf is humble enough.

The flower juts out its fiery tongue to taste the monsoon and a few drops oblige.

We wish we could stay, they said, but the Earth summons..

Failed attempt at hit and run. Jailed between lines, non-bailable this time.

The rains washed away everything that ever thrived on that bench... Everything except the memories..

Nature reveals her true glamour in the monsoons, and every diva needs a photographer. Interested in the job? Take a camera and wander around. Be observant, you will see her beauty , in every small grass blade that it showcases. So this 19th august, make memories that will last a lifetime.

“ Walking in a drizzle, with the wind kissing her cheeks , on roads barely trespassed, clicking pictures of every beauty nature revealed , storing them, a copy in her heart and one for her eyes, she drifted away, into a world of memories, old and new.. “