You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Michael Jackson, but how much do you really know? Well, let’s see…you definitely ought to know he’s been called the “king of pop”. So yeah, he’s a singer. And who hasn’t heard of the moonwalk? So, a talented dancer too. And what more, he’s tried out acting too!

Do you know when his birthday is? Go on, guess..
Well, if you assumed this article was not just a random jolt of inspiration and was published for some special reason and further guessed on a special day, you’re right. It’s today, August 29th.
To be more precise, August 29th, 1958.
So, on this special occasion , let us take a sneak peek into the life of one of the greatest singers of all time.

Jackson 5

Started out as ‘The Jackson brothers’ and later changed to ‘ Jackson 5’ as number of members grew. Before getting the name ‘Jackson 5’, they went by the name ‘The Jackson Five Singing Group’. Michael joined them in 1965, when he was just 7 years old. Pretty successful for a young band, they created albums which easily reached no 1 in Billboard Top 100 . But soon Michael started gaining more individual recognition and eventually split from them to make an independent career in the music industry.


A milestone in Jackson's career, March 25, 1983, when he reunited with his brothers for a legendary live performance. The show is best remembered for Jackson's solo performance of "Billie Jean", which earned Jackson his first Emmy nomination. Wearing a distinctive black-sequined jacket and a golf glove decorated with rhinestones, he debuted his signature dance move, the moonwalk, which former Soul Train dancer and Shalamar member Jeffrey Daniel had taught him three years earlier.
"The moonwalk that he made famous is an apt metaphor for his dance style. How does he do it? As a technician, he is a great illusionist, a genuine mime. His ability to keep one leg straight as he glides while the other bends and seems to walk requires perfect timing." -Anna Kisselgoff of The New York Times

Hair On Fire Incident

On January 27, 1984, Michael and other members of the Jacksons filmed a Pepsi Cola commercial. In front of a full house of fans during a simulated concert, pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson's hair on fire, causing second-degree burns to his scalp. Quite a horrifying experience to think of. Jackson underwent treatment to hide the scars on his scalp, and had his third rhinoplasty shortly thereafter. Just in case that didn’t sink in yet, it was the third time he had plastic surgery done for his nose. Pepsi settled out of court, and Jackson donated his $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Center.


In 1988, Jackson released his only autobiography, Moonwalk, which took four years to complete and sold 200,000 copies.Jackson wrote about his childhood, the Jackson 5, and the abuse he had suffered. He also wrote about his facial appearance. The musician then released a film called Moonwalker. It debuted atop the Billboard Top Music Video Cassette chart, staying there for 22 weeks. It was eventually knocked off the top spot by ‘Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues’.

Pedophile issue?

In 1993, Jackson was accused of child abuse by a 13-year-old boy named Jordan Chandler. The investigation was inconclusive and no charges were ever filed. On January 1, 1994, Jackson settled with the Chandlers out of court for $22 million.No evidence of molestation or sexual impropriety from Jackson toward minors existed. All that hype for a false accusation. And it didn’t even end there. The second time he was accused, he really got into trouble for it. He was charged and arrested.
In May 1994, Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. She suggested he settle this issue out of court. Well, eventually they got divorced in around 2 years but they stayed on nice (well, relatively nice) terms.

End of the story

While preparing for his comeback concert series titled “This Is It “, Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest. The Los Angeles County Coroner ruled his death a homicide, and his personal physician, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Jackson's death triggered a global outpouring of grief, and a live broadcast of his public memorial service was viewed around the world. Forbes currently ranks Jackson as the top-earning dead celebrity, a title held for a fifth consecutive year, with $140 million in earnings.

Well, he had quite a tough life from the start but he still managed to go through it all and give the world some legendary songs .People will always regard him as the king of pop .So on this special day, MI wishes MJ a very happy birthday!!