108821.jpgMonsoon in India is a lifetime experience as the exotic locations leave you spellbound with its beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery, the lakes overflow with sparkling water, the waterfalls become heavenly to make you fall in love with the season. And this season has something in store for everyone, doesn’t it? Take any age group - for children, it’s the time when they get to play in those tiny pools of water in the locality frolicking with enthusiasm underneath the showers; for the young blood, it’s time to hang out and enjoy the city vibes; for adults, it gives a chance to relax peacefully in their homes; for couples, it’s hands-down the most romantic time of the year. Undoubtedly, monsoons bring with them the promise of some amazing moments to be spent.

So, in the midst of this beautiful season - we bring to you the top ten ways in which you could spend your days during this alluring time of the year.

  1. Hot Cup of Cutting Chai/Coffee
    Nothing is more soothing than sipping a hot drink by the side of the window in your favorite sofa while it’s pouring outside. Add to that the book you were longing to read since a long time and voila - you are in for the perfect day off! No doubt this comes on the top of the list.

  2. Enjoying the beauty of nature

    Too rainy to go outside and enjoy the view? No worries! You can wait for the rain to subside and then venture outside. After a rainy day, the view is simply majestic, with the petrichor floating in the air and all the flora and fauna blooming. Plus, the air being so pure and clearer than normal; you can’t help but appreciate the aesthetically pleasing views that you witness on that day.

  3. Bringing back the childhood memories

    Monsoons are unarguably the best times to relive those childhood moments - call up your friends, go outside in an open area having a pool of water, and let those colorful paper boats float in the waters again! Have a fun race, build your own fleet and become Jack Sparrow :) Not enough nostalgia? Work up your jeans and get ready to splash in the mud-filled water with a group of kids. The cheerfulness on their faces while jumping ecstatically is sure to remind you of your carefree days.

  4. Rejuvenating your creative flicker

    There’s something about this season that brings up a different kind of artist in everyone. The aroma in the air, the ever-lasting beautiful views, the calmness after any rain - all of them combine as just the perfect ingredients for a great work of art. Write a poem, a song, a piece of fiction, paint something, play a new instrument, dance freely - who knows, you might discover a hidden talent in your joy!

  5. Wanderlust!

    Who doesn't like travelling? And waterfalls? Well, then guess what - this is the perfect time to go to the waterfalls and other hilly areas as the atmosphere is vividly majestic and captivating. The air is absolutely refreshing and getting wet under the raindrops in the lap of mother nature is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Also, new facebook profile pictures ;)

  6. A Game of Football!

    What’s more enthralling than a game of your football with your best buddies?! Get a football, and head to your nearest ground with your gang; well who needs a ground when you have a parking lot! You are sure to experience a hell of an evening, getting all wet and dirty - reminds one of that Surf Excel ad - “Daag achhe hain!”

  7. Movie Marathon

    If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really like going out in rains or otherwise, and likes to cosy up in the blanket - the mushy atmosphere is there for you as well! Invite a few friends, prepare the obligatory popcorn bowl and binge on to your favorite TV shows/movies.

  8. Cycling

    This one’s for the brave ones out there. While this may seem unconventional and risky at first, the trend is definitely catching up with the youth of the country. The best way to indulge in cycling during monsoons is to venture to the countryside just outside the city. The views and feels you get while cycling in those open landscapes are truly mesmerizing.

  9. Savouring delicacies under a Rain-Shed

    If you’re lucky enough to have a rain canopy in your nearby park, this place can serve as an amazing dining-place during rains. It provides the perfect setting for a lovely time eating and gossiping with your loved ones. And what better food than home-made Pakodas, samosas and the evergreen bhutta!

  10. Long-Drive with your Friends
    Driving in a car while it’s raining could be cumbersome if you’re stuck in a big traffic jam - but on an open road with trees around, it forms the backdrop of the perfect road-trip you’ve wanted to have all this time, with ZNMD heightening the craze.

    And when it comes to road-trips during Monsoons, Mumbai in particular has a lot to offer - from driving down the exquisitely romantic Bandra’s bandstand, to a slow and peaceful drive with the windows rolled down, looking deep into the distance at Marine Drive watching raindrops meet their destiny, or even a trip to the picturesque Matheran or Lonavla in the rains with your gang; nothing compares to the sheer delight of the Mumbai Monsoons.