Whenever one starts thinking about deep soulful/romantic tracks, I don’t think people stumble upon recent Bollywood tracks as frequently as they stumble upon ‘pal pal dil ke paas’ or ‘mere sapno ki raani’. Even though most of us weren’t even born when these tracks came out but still these songs occupy a certain soft corner in our hearts. This could possibly be because everyone from our parents at the dining table to the rickshaw wale bhaiya dropping us off to school hummed these classics.
These are the songs we have grown up with. To settle any doubt that may arise in your mind about how great these classics are, just ask your parents about them and I am sure that they can blabber about Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and Mukesh for at least an hour straight. (Though you might regret asking the question).
Well, that was the golden era for music in Bollywood (or that’s what my parents say :p). Coming to the present era (by present I mean last 15 years :p), we have had a proliferation of singers. Many of them turned out to be one song wonders, leaving everyone wondering where they went. But one such singer who continues to mesmerise us is Shaan. The national award winning singer has managed to do for us what Kishore Kumar did for our parents.
Whether it be the song “Gulaabi Aankhein Jo Dekhi Teri” in the 80’s or the song “Jabse Tere Naina” which came to our minds whenever we liked someone, whether it be replacement of the song “Chandni Raat Mein” by “Chand Sifaarish” as the proposal song or whether it be the case of “Tanha Dil” becoming the break up song of the generation, though times have changed and singers have come and gone, but the sweet melodies of these songs have continued to mesmerize us.
To commemorate those songs and to help us relive their awesomeness, Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay, presents to you the Nostalgia Nite. And to take us through the magical songs of the 60s and the 70s of Kishore Da, it would be none other than the musical sensation, Shaan emulating those timeless classics in his own unique style.
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