If you are coming to Mumbai this December, you might as well make the most of it. Visiting all of these might be quite feat in itself but do not let that deter you. Mumbai isn’t one of the best tourist cities of India without plenty of reasons :

Mehboob Studio and Star Residencies

If in Mumbai, Mehboob studios is definitely worth a go. Maybe you could even catch a glimpse or two of some stars (Selfie time!). Also, most of the stars live in Bandra itself, so you could even get a picture or two with the Mannat name plate, like countless others already have.

Hiranandani Entering Hiranandani would definitely make you think that you have come to another country altogether. The buildings here would definitely remind you of Venice, sans the water bodies, of course. Roam around and just marvel at how all the buildings look so similar, yet so distinct from any others you ever have. Also, if you would want some high end dining with awesome ambiance, then this is the place for you.

Juhu Chowpatty

The food out there is AMAZING!! I don’t think you would have ever seen similar quantities of butter on a plate of pav bhaji! So for the foodie junta, Juhu chowpatty is a must go if you don’t mind street food and being continuously yelled at by shopkeepers.
PS: The beach at Girgaon chowpatty is better if you are more into beaches.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus CST is another stand-out place in Mumbai. Trying visiting CST when it is dark. The Victorian architecture of CST clearly stands out under the lights. A station which has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site is definitely worth visiting. As Wikipedia states“The structure draws influence from Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings”.
Bottom line: Do go on a date to CST.

Elephanta Island

Mumbai is a complete mixture of people. Some seek peace and serenity while others have a thing for clubbing. If you happen to be the peace kind of guy, then the elephant caves are definitely meant for you. Just 10km off the city, it provides the ever so important break from the hectic life in the city and just lets you be.

Gateway of India

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a trip to the gateway of India. The place even has the Taj Mahal Palace just opposite to the Gateway, making it THE place for selfie-loving peeps.

A midnight hangout at Marine Drive

Marine drive is one of those places that defines Mumbai. Whenever you think of Mumbai you can’t just not think about marine drive. Midnight isn’t that important but it must be pretty dark when you are there. Only then can you see the Queen’s Necklace. The feels!
Also, for them cricket buffs, Wankhede Stadium is located quite close so you can relive Dhoni’s winning shot against Kulasekara from the World Cup finals.

An early morning drive through the Bandra-Worli sea link When you are travelling across the sea, the Mumbai skyline through the mist is reminiscent to those skylines of New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and many more such cities whose images keep on floating on whatsapp and facebook.

Local mein savari

Travelling at least once in a Mumbai local is must when you come to Mumbai. Try getting into one of the early morning-office rush types local, where getting inside becomes a major achievement in itself, forget grabbing a seat.

Mood Indigo However exciting these places be, none can beat the awesomeness that is Mood Indigo! The annual cultural fest of IIT Bombay is also Asia’s largest college cultural festival. With over 200 events and a footfall of 1,26,000, it is definitely the place to be if you want to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Hope to see you there!