Consider yourself on a particularly solemn evening. Waiting at the bus stop for that pathetically ill-scheduled bus. 'When will the damn bus come!' you shout aloud. Temper on cloud nine, you reminisce what a bad day it eventually turned out to be. You were late for work, then those serious and irreparable glitches in your work, surpassing a deadline,which in turn incurred you a scolding from your horrible boss. 'God, I want freedom,more money,earn respect', being the only thoughts in your mind.

Suddenly , a seemingly unacquainted man approaches you, unaware of your state of mind. And says , 'You happen to be a decent man with a decent pay. Still you yearn for more money,freedom and respect?' It takes you a while to register the person in front of you, and a while more to realize that he just spoke your mind out.
It's obvious for you to be utterly amazed. And the question which crosses your mind will be, was that MAGIC!?

But wait, what is magic?

It's a performing art, which includes tricks and illusions to accomplish otherwise impossible feats.But nothing is impossible in magic.

Yes, that was magic! That was an example of mentalism, a form of magic which apparently involves reading mind. The guy formed a general perception about you from your attire and body language, took some calculated risk and deduced the specific statement. As for second statement it's universal. Who doesn’t desire money, freedom and respect!
You board the bus, unaware of the simple trick. Anger slowly sublimating into amazement. By the time you ever realize the trick, it would be too late to be angry again.
Yes! Magic has the power to change your mind and harness your emotions.

You must now be thinking why I would make you imagine such a scene, out of nowhere. But it’s for a reason. It’s not just another random day! It’s the day of the magicians!

Harry Houdini was one such self styled magician cum innovator cum entrepreneur. It's because of him that we know magic as it is today. He was an escape artist. He lived his life escaping chains, handcuffs, ropes and what not! So much was his obsession for escapism that he challenged the police to dare keep him behind the bars. Houdini died on 31 oct, 1926. And that's why we celebrate 31 october as Magic Day.

Magic day celebrates the wonders and power of magic. Magic demands risk, devotion, drama, emotions, science, marketing, innovation and the most broad spectrum of inputs. But when it finally shapes up, you can't help but feel amazed, happy and sometimes afraid at the same time. Magic is one perfect way to trick one’s mind out of negativity.

A man overrun by sorrow may not understand a beautiful poem or appreciate a meaningful theater. But a simple act of magic will send a smile across his face.

So, this magic day learn and teach some magic. Know the joy to make people happy and make them forget problems of their lives, if only for few moments.
From stage illusions to parlor magic; mathemagic to escapology ,just' do anything you can.
Spread magic and experience the real joy of the unreal !!