Mood Indigo is akin to Him Of Many Faces of the Game Of Thrones series, in several ways. It reveals different facets of its existence to different people, and not all of them to one person. For the visitor, Mood Indigo is the precise poster-boy of how a college festival should be - brimming with life and energy, and dazzling in its creativity. For the ones working on it, the Core Group Members for example, it is an infinitely huge web of entangled logistical problems. We all have our own perspective of looking at this festival, which has definitely been shaped in some way by our first encounter with it.
So what about the newcomers? As the calender flips, and less than 100 days remain for Mood Indigo 2016 to come along, we write this blog especially for the ones who are to newly inducted soon! In this article, we have taken the liberty to go on and describe the rough (read: pretentious) daily schedule of an organizer of Mood Indigo!
Read on!

1) Wakey wakey..

Dawn breaks. You don’t really care that the sun is up, that the birds are singing or about whatever you were told to revere about early mornings, because there’s a LOT to keep you in bed - tiredness from days gone by, a lack of compulsion to be anywhere at that particular point of time, and of course, the merry cluelessness that the sweet lull of impending sleep brings. It’s only when your roommate farts that you actually get up, with the smell becoming unbearable in the stuffy room.
Wait.. stuffy? Yes, stuffy. You look around, and suddenly recall that you’re sharing the room with eight - yes, eight - people. Eight people stuffed into a room that is meant for two, and which fails to cater to that basic, primitive need as well. The remaining seven are sprawled across the mattresses, poking each other in the ribs, sleeping on someone’s arm, a few of them looking really awkward as they, quite literally, spoon into each other.
At that moment, your reaction will be:

/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.19.01 PM.png Utterly dismayed and depressed by the sight, you get back under your covers - only then realizing how the hand of one of your friends was so uncomfortably and perversely resting on your buttocks through the night - and try and go back to sleep.

2) Hello, sunshine..

When you finally gather enough energy to really get up and out of bed, you head straight for the bathrooms. Bathrooms and washrooms are precious commodities even during regular times. Their importance only rises when 8 times the regular number of people inhabit the wing!

The agenda behind queueing up for the bathrooms is, of course, to spruce up.
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.21.06 PM.png

As a student of IIT Bombay, you are going to strut around your festival like a peacock, judging, classifying and occasionally helping the other mere mortals who have ventured into your territory. And peacocks never go about in ragged shorts, bathroom slippers and old, done for, washed out IIT Bombay tees, do they? ;)

3) Turn Up For Anything & Everything On Show..

As IITB students, believe me when I say that you’ll be more aware of the schedule and all the best events of the day than those from outside :P
So roam all over the insti to get that distinctive taste of what all Mood Indigo has to offer - from Acapella artists to full-blown bands, from choreo nights to street dances and from suave, sophisticated and polished distinguished literati to utterly wacky, hilarious and witty comedians. At such times, the ones handling the event will go:
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.26.02 PM.png

Attend as many events as you can, for we pride ourselves on providing variety with every event that takes place behind the insti walls during these 4 days of awesomeness ;)

4) The Call of Duty..

Strut around all you like - the Call of Duty shall arrive soon to shatter your reverie :p
And when the blessed call does eventually come, you’ll go:
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.26.02 PM.png

A co-ordinator crooning senti over the phone, a fellow orgie requesting a favour, or maybe just an innocent bystander hopelessly looking for directions to some obscure corner of the insti - The Call can come in any form, at any place and any time. And once it comes, there’s no running away from it :p
The Call of Duty is an integral part of the entire fest experience. Doing work together will ensure that you bond even tighter with your friends, that there’s something to laugh about when you look back upon these days, and that there’s someone always - always - to pester for a treat, as a reward for answering that Call!

5) A Little Party Never Hurt Anybody..

Done with the day? Usher in the nights. The Pro-nights. Unless you have Satan himself on the rung right above you on the hierarchical ladder, probably everyone will push you towards the pro-shows as evenings roll in, which are, undoubtedly, the star-attractions of Mood Indigo! To everyone around, you’ll go:
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.26.33 PM.png

A lakh hearts, all beating in unison. Two lakh feet simultaneously pounding the ground to the groove of artists. Bodies swaying together, moving as one. That is all about the Pronites that can be expressed in words.
Party hard with the crowd - both from inside and outside the insti. The jovial nature of the people around you will actually disarm your own inhibitions, and get you friends for your lifetime!

6) There’s More To Life Than Parties. There Are Also After-Parties..

Yes, well, as if the hectic schedule through the day wasn’t enough, you’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to selecting the after-parties.
Stroll through the nightly flea-market, attend some more awesome events in the Convocation Hall, sit by the camp-fire with people from different walks of life, or just stroll through the campus burgeoning with thematic beauty and bursting with nature’s bounty - you’ve got your pick of activities to choose from.
Late nights are the time when the campus will be at its loveliest - the festivity in the air, the greenery acting as a beautiful, beautiful backdrop to the decorations, and the students drinking in the glory of it all.
Only those who have been brainwashed with The Doctrine Of Piety (Thou Shalt Wake Up Before 6 A.M :P) will miss this part of the fest!
By the time all of it gets over, and you’re actually done with all events of the day, what’ll happen is:
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.26.42 PM.png

7) Sleep Off Again? Well, We Don’t Think So..

A warm, cozy and languorous 8-hour sleep seems the only thing keeping this entire day from being counted as one spent in paradise, eh? Things don’t work that way, folks. The shared room is going to stink like a fish market at the end of the day, everyone will be jostling for a bit of sleeping space and - most importantly - everyone will have something to boast, regarding their exploits of the day. There’s only one winner in the battle between sleep and fun. In fact, it’s fair to say that you might go:
/Users/ydhoble/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 7.27.03 PM.png

Once everyone’s fit in like a big, snug jigsaw puzzle with barely any space in between, every bit of gossip has run its course and your nose is accustomed to the smell, you will finally fall asleep, already dreaming about the adventures the next day is going to bring.
And then.. Another day kicks off with another random fart! :P

This is just a fraction of what all Mood Indigo will have in store for you. Join the huge Mood Indigo family as we begin the final phase of the journey into 4 days of awesomeness and utter euphoria! Come one, come all!