With the best 4 days of your life coming closer, and with just 3 days left to experience awesomeness, we bring you 3 zones which you just cannot miss if you’re to capture the complete essence of Mood Indigo!

Night Zone With the days filled with awesome events & workshops and exquisite concerts taking up the evening, we'd would feel bad if that's all we had to offer. So we bring you the Night Zone to make sure you do not miss out memories that could have been. We've all had our nightmares, so why not put them to good use and share horror stories around a bonfire? And we are sure you agree with us on one thing, fluorescent neon parties are something we have always wanted to have. So we thought we could give you this opportunity and liven the nights. All this fun and you are supposed to get famished so will have barbecues around bonfire for you to re-energize. If you are not the party type, we have the Night Flea market with fantastic pieces of creatine art on display. Also live ambient music has been arranged for, so that your ocular pleasure is accompanied by auditory ones too.

Art Arena Art is creativity in its raw form, appealing to the observer depending upon his tastes. In a society where painting, dancing and music are some of the most recognized art forms , MI brings to you a few others , the unsung ones, which will capture your imagination equally . Art arena is a novel concept being introduced by MI which focuses on bringing together unique artforms under one roof and providing recognition to exceptional talent through the festival. From the art of bottle decoration to that of book folding , art arena will be showcasing more than half a dozen professional artists and their work.

Adventure Zone Mood Indigo isn’t just about those pro-shows, concerts and amazing interactive sessions with some of the best known personalities around the world (though you’d definitely be left wishing for more when you’re done with them), it’s also about the activities which bring you immense fun. And when the feeling of doing those awesome activities takes over, it’s then that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Adventure Zone we have for you this MI. Get them real-life counter-strike feels with Paint-ball, or test your control over your body’s stability when you’re bumped through Top-Zorbing. Know how it feels to roll around in a bouncy ball in Land-Zorbing or know what it feels like in those military training exercises (albeit less rigorous) by completing the obstacle course. Laugh at yourself sliding down the Slip ‘n’ Slide or let your strategy and aiming instincts take over in Gunpoint Technology. All in all, get lost in the entertainment which the Adventure Zone offers you this Mood Indigo.

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