Mood Indigo, Asia’s Largest College Cultural Festival is also the biggest hot spot where many kinds of people blend together. It's not just the artists or the celebrities that make Mood Indigo special. It's the people from more than 2000 participating colleges from India and abroad, which truly make it special. I bet that you will see more diversity in these 4 days than you will ever see in 4 years of your college life. Indeed, this will make your 4 days at Mood Indigo the best 4 days you will ever have.

Mood Indigo has a large turnout. But almost every person you bump into, can probably be put into one of these groups.

1)The Straight A’s
They are the people who will try to attend all the events, just as they attend all the lectures. They will be the last in the queue to event. The sober and the 'good guys'.

2)The Crooked (aka The Wild Ones)
They are the primary reasons as to why 'The Straight A's' are last in queues. These people don't give a damn about what others think but live by their own rules and do all the pointless crazy stuff. They will never let you get bored. Fun people to attend events with!

3)The Pic Masters
They can be seen roaming with a DSLR or a smartphone in search of just the perfect frame. Believe me, even the most seasoned photographer can't help but capture those moments.
4.The Bun Men
There is a high probability that they will be artistic. It may turn out that they get an award for the best drummer or guitarist in Livewire. Or turn out to be an accomplished painter or actor. They could well be the biggest entertainer at informal events.
5.The Dancers
You could identify one just by sight by the costumes (though if the costume stands out a lot, you’re likely to see them in a group because they’re safer in their herds). If you see a person wearing a loose pullover even on the most sunny day, then either they are stupid or maybe hip hop dancers (no-offense meant).

6.The Selfie Queens
(Boys as well, don’t get misguided by the name) They would be the ones who could be seen engrossed in clicking selfies for eternities to find the right one for updates on facebook and instagram. No wonder FB profiles of these people go haywire on the 5th day. 7.The Freebie Lovers
Their ultimate aim will be to gather as much freebies as they can, preferably edibles from informal events. Such people are willing to do all kinds of tasks just to lay their hands on more freebies. Don't despise them because no matter what, you will turn into one, the moment you step in for the fest.

8.The Cheerleaders
They are loud and annoying at most times and might be tough to spot in a crowd before an event. But just let it start, and they will shout their guts out when their college team hits the stage. Their true talents unveil during pronites when they go wild. But after all, it’s their spirit and enthusiasm which keeps Mood Indigo roaring.

9.The Loners
They form the tiny bit of the crowd. They roam alone and free. Few who are self content and don't require any other person to have their share of fun. Some of them form acquaintances quickly, and ditch them before it turns into friendship.

10.The Beauties
They will be the most sought after community in entire MI. They could be seen walking down the ramp in Vogue or stealing your hearts with their beautiful voice during MI-Idol. Although, messing around with them won't be such a good idea if you don't want a swollen cheek and a broken heart.
11.The Desperates
All the singles belongs to this group. They are also the people who would be seen flocking the fashion shows and staring with desperation. They will hope for one good talk, be it during concerts or competition. Many will return on the 4th day disheartened, many will succeed. If you belong to this community, you can't afford to miss this chance(only if you have courage and determination).

12.The Couples
Every one from the “single community” dreams to get transferred into this community. Definitely the most envied people. But hey! If you’re looking for a great place to have a date, come to MI and be prepared for a shower of praises. There’s something here for everyone. Your date will definitely be impressed. ;)

13.IIT Bombay Peeps
These guys are easily recognizable by their laid back and carefree attire. Mostly known to roam around with tousled hair, shorts and a pair of bathroom slippers (this is their normal outfit, but they can dress well when they are interested too, so you’d be lucky to find a few in this state. Who’s not interested for MI?) , they might look anything between sleepy and lost to simply not bothered. But these guys know the corners and will be glad to be of assistance.

In those 4 days you are going to meet thousands of new people, make hundreds of new friends and some of with which the friendships would blossom for years to come.
So come, enjoy Mood Indigo and witness it’s magic and beauty firsthand!!!