One reason for the sleepless nights of the producers of TV series is probably the burgeoning TRP's of TV Talk shows.

So one night, after having watched several back to back episodes of the Jimmy Fallon and Graham Norton shows on Comedy Central (high five to those who can relate to this), I began to muse over what exactly makes these talk shows so darn popular. As you can see, this contemplation was not so much the result of a curious mind, but rather an outcome of boredom coupled with enthusiasm of a television fanatic.

So here's the outcome of that soch-vichaar, a list of reasons why we can't get enough of talk shows-

Talk shows are about one thing: Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

No, I am not talking about the sort you get to see in the movie from which the dialogue in borrowed, but in a world of #hashtags it'll be the likes of #ROFL and #LOL . Be it Ellen's witty one liners or Kapil's sleazy albeit fun comedy, they surely tickle our funny bone.

Quality of Content

To the makers of saas-bahu serials, I have just this to say- For all the exaggerated human emotions you show that have bored us to death, "Janta maaf nahi karegi".

In stark contrast, talk shows are like chocolate, you know you love them but it's hard to describe why.

There is something for every choosy-picky palate

It's like an ice cream shop, you get to be the picky kid who won't eat anything except the cookie crumble ice cream with sprinkles. There is the 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' for the running after celebrity crowd, 'The Oprah show' for the pop-cultural enthusiastic and et cetera, et cetera. Pick what you like!

Better than following your favorite celebs on twitter

Frankly, not all of us are obsessed with our favorite celeb(s) and neither do all of us want to know what they are doing all day. Talk shows are the perfect solution to such a crowd who are interested in glamour-gossip but not obsessed with it. Nevertheless, We love to see them make fools of themselves and stumble answering the uncomfortable questions, don't we?

The host of the show

The one factor which makes or breaks a talk show. It won Ellen 13 Emmy awards and is responsible for 6000+ episodes streak of the David Letterman show. Each with their own unique idiosyncrasies. Their charisma and unconventional witty ways works like magic.

So here's a quick shout out to them all on this 'TV Talk show host day'. We love you and appreciate all the work you put into making all those otherwise dull weekend nights entertaining.

Ending in true talk show host style- here's me signing off. Good luck and have a great day! Waving hands while the background score plays