Let this blog be the start of a mutiny. A mutiny against all those of the other faith… the faith that preaches to kill time living the fake stories woven using flowery language and romanticism in a hundred page balderdash . Yes, a mutiny against the concept of loving books.
We need to make a stand. All of us who cringe at the sight of those yellow pages and that distinctive aroma, need to let the world know how we feel. Not everyone is a book lover. And so today, on this book lovers’ day, let us reason out why we too need a day for ourselves. Yes… the book haters’ day .

1) A day to celebrate our ideas of having fun that book lovers don’t get. Books are not the only way you can live your leisure hours. Of all the recreational activities existing, why spend your hours staring at those hotchpotch of words that create a virtual world for you to live in. A flawless cosmos? No thanks…we prefer reality.

2)How many times has it happened that you approached a person hoping to strike a conversation and all you got, was a blank look but the book in their hand was stared at so lovingly. So that bundle of papers is more important than me huh? Well, such extreme discrimination have to be brought out to the world and when better than the book haters’ day.

3)Books are heavy, smelly and made of paper…precious paper. Wait, trees are getting scarce right. So, you still cut them to make your books? Okay, we definitely need another environment day… let’s call it book haters’ day.

4)School days. Those lovely times when you lived without a care for the world. But there was always something that bugged you. Your studies, your books. Even novels were boring and time consuming. One could barely make it through the first ten pages without dozing off. Oh so much better is watching a movie about the book. We need to make people understand this. Maybe an awareness campaign… But when? Oh, I see an answer!

5)So many tragic cases of crime have been reported where the victims have been subjected to extreme emotional trauma and sufferings by the people of the “other faith” for not sharing their ideas of having fun. Just because they don’t read books or get catchy lines from the recent bestseller, they have been judged and made fun of. We need to help these poor souls by emotionally supporting them as well as telling the world their stories. Yes, we do it on the book haters’ day.

And then there is always that most logical reason. If you can celebrate book lovers’ day, why not book haters’ day!